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Impressions of the IMP opening online

16 May 2017

Videos and photos of the opening ceremony and party from 1st March are now available online. For guests, they provide an opportunity to refresh their memories of the events – and anyone who was not there will have a chance to catch up with the occasion.

Video journalist Katharina Kämpfer produced two short clips, capturing the ceremonial opening by Emmanuelle Charpentier in the first. Interviews with participants from in- and outside the IMP community wrap up the story. The second video links the opening party in the evening with the narrative of IMP founding director Max Birnstiel’s widow Margaret, who herself is a biologist. History and future of the IMP meet in this clip, which has a uniquely personal touch.

Photographer Robert Herbst of “pov” did a great job in collecting impressions from all corners and angles throughout the event. We added an extensive photo gallery for you to enjoy

The photos and videos will remain online permanently and can be viewed at: