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IMP boosts Austria’s citation ranking

02 Jul 2009

At the end of June 2009, published a country ranking in Molecular Biology & Genetics, based on citations per paper. The list is headed by Austria, with an average of 32.27 citations per paper. The ranking covers the period January 1999 through February 2009 and is based on data from the Essential Science IndicatorsSM database by Thomson Reuters.
According to a commentary by ORF ON Science (ORF is Austria’s main telecommunication broadcasting agency), Austria’s top result is largely due to the IMP’s impact, in particular to a review-article by Thomas Jenuwein et al. on Epigenetics, the single most quoted paper in the field (Science 293, p. 1.074 ).  

In another article earlier this year, the Vienna Biocenter (of which the IMP is a part) has been ranked 8th out of 4,877 institutions involved in Epigenetics research. The two principle investigators highlighted are Thomas Jenuwein and Jan-Michael Peters.
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