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Eva Kiermaier receives Rabitsch Award 2009

29 Sep 2009

The "Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award" is bestowed annually upon the most promising PhD student at the IMP or IMBA. The award was set up four years ago by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, a former PhD Student who died tragically in 2006. As in previous years, the prize was delivered by Hermann Rabitsch, Kirsten’s father, at the occasion of the annual IMP-IMBA Recess.

Eva Kiermaier joined the IMP in 2007. She is currently studying towards her PhD in Stefan Westermann’s lab. Her interest focuses on the function and structure of the kinetochore in cell division in the budding yeast. To address this issue, her experimental work included the successful design of a so called artificial kinetochore. By breaking down the large and complex structure to its essential minimum, she is able to study the roles of individual proteins and the mechanisms by which they are controlled.

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