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EMBO Young Investigator Meeting 2018 at the Vienna BioCenter

16 May 2018

Today, 70 Young Investigators of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) have convened at the IMP lecture hall for their 18th annual meeting. It is the second meeting of this kind at the Vienna BioCenter.

The annual EMBO Young Investigator Meeting from 16 to 18 May 2018 provides members of EMBO’s Young Investigator Programme (‘YIP’) with a forum to network. 70 leading young minds from around the world present their research, and informal discussions offer opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences.

Co-hosted by IMP and IMBA, this year’s meeting is the second of its kind held at the Vienna BioCenter. The meeting comprises short talks from all attendees, lots of time for networking, and a dedicated session to learn more about the program.

For the IMP, it is a great honour to welcome this distinguished forum for young molecular biologists. The institute had a number of EMBO Young Investigators among its faculty, with the most recent selection of Luisa Cochella (since 2018).

‘YIP alumni’ among current IMP faculty members are Johannes Zuber (2015-2018), Alexander Stark (2013-2016; meanwhile also EMBO member), David Keays (2013-2016), Jan-Michael Peters (2001-2004, meanwhile also EMBO member), and Tim Clausen (2006-2009, meanwhile also EMBO member). Former IMP faculty members who were ‘YIPs’ during their time at the IMP are Barry Dickson (2001-2004), Michael Glotzer (2001-2004), Anton Wutz (2005-2008) and Jürgen Knoblich (2001-2004).

About the EMBO Young Investigators

Through the Young Investigator Programme, EMBO identifies and supports some of the best young researchers in the life sciences. EMBO Young Investigators are group leaders in the early stages of setting up an independent laboratory in EMBC Member or Associate Member States. They receive financial and practical support for a period of four years to help them develop skills and connections that will help them during this career stage.

The Young Investigator Programme was started in 2000. EMBO Young Investigators are selected annually and the 73 current members, together with 384 former members of the programme and the recipients of EMBO Installation Grants, form a network of Europe’s next generation of leading life scientists.

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