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EC Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn visited the Vienna BioCenter

24 Apr 2012

On April 24, the EC commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Ms. Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, paid a visit to the Campus Vienna Biocenter. Following an introduction to the VBC by spokesman Harald Isemann, Ms. Geoghegan-Quinn engaged in a lively discussion with representatives of the VBC institutions.

She was particularly interested in practical experiences with the EU framework programs and received a number of suggestions concerning evaluation procedures, funding schemes and the administration of grants. In her statement, she outlined important features of the new program “Horizon 2020” and emphasized the increasing efforts of the commission to promote women in science.

Upon her special request, the commissioner was then taken on a tour to visit some of the facilities of the CSF. She was impressed by the possibilities opened up by the VDRC and by the advanced equipment of the plant growth chambers.

Ms. Máire Geoghegan-Quinn had been invited to Vienna by the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research to attend celebrations for the ERC’s fifth birthday. In her speech, she pointed out the special role of Austria within the European Research Council and the high success rate of scientists in Austrian research institutions.