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Breaking the ground for more biologists

20 Sep 2018

Construction works started on the new biology building of the University of Vienna in St. Marx. By the fall of 2021, the center will house major parts of the faculty of life sciences.

The 12,000 m2 property on which the new biology center is being constructed is located just around the corner from the Vienna BioCenter, between Schlachthausgasse, Viehmarktgasse und Erne-Seder-Gasse. The close proximity will allow for synergies on the organizational and infrastructural level and facilitate collaborations between scientists. Eventually, around 500 researchers and up to 5000 students are expected to frequent the new building.  

In his address, rector Heinz W. Engl pointed out that the new project will further strengthen Vienna as an attractive location for science and research. Science minister Heinz Faßmann expressed his hope that future students will find optimal conditions to develop their academic skills. 

In addition to labs and offices, the new building will house three lecture halls, eight seminar rooms, eight training rooms, a cafeteria and a library. Similar to the IMP, it has been designed with a view towards maximum flexibility, energy efficiency, comfort and quality. 

Photo (from left): Rector Heinz W. Engl, Science Minister Heinz Faßmann, and BIG Managing Director Hans-Peter Weiss (©Arman Rastegar)