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Birnstiel Award opens 2021 call

07 May 2021

For the third time since its inauguration, the International Birnstiel Award for doctoral research in molecular life sciences has opened its call for 2021 nominations.

As in previous years, the IMP and Max Birnstiel Foundation are looking for the World’s most accomplished PhD students in molecular life sciences: the Birnstiel Award recognises exceptional achievements of up to six PhD students from anywhere in the world. Awardees will each receive a trophy, certificate, and 2,000 Euro – if the pandemic will allow, at an award ceremony at the Vienna BioCenter. The deadline for nominations is 30 June.

The Birnstiel Award was established in 2019. It targets doctoral students at an advanced stage of their dissertation or recent PhD graduates (this year for graduations back to 30 June 2020), whose research has contributed to outstanding discoveries in their respective field.

Strong interest in previous years

Last year, the organisers received more than 130 nominations from four continents. This marks the high visibility of the award within the global life science community. IMP and Birnstiel Foundation hope to build in this success and continue to develop the award further this year.

Nominations are accepted from authorised persons such as department chairs and programme coordinators, and only one nomination per PhD programme or department will be considered. For detailed information, eligibility criteria, and access the application form, please refer to the IMP website at: