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Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research: First call for applications now open

03 Jan 2013

The Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research was initiated by the late Hartmut Beug, founding member of the IMP and Senior Scientist from 1988 until 2010. The aim of the foundation is to support new and original approaches to basic research on cancer metastasis, to encourage the application of these findings in "translational research" and to promote the cooperation between basic and pharmaceutical research.

The foundation has now opened the call for its first Prize for Metastasis Research, worth 12.000 Euros. The Metastasis Prize will be awarded to a scientist who convincingly presents an original project on cancer metastasis research. It is meant to provide the financial seed required to obtain the first data that will spawn further interest by funding institutions and industry.

The deadline for applications is March 25, 2013.
For detailed information see: