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Awards for PhD students at the Vienna BioCenter

10 Nov 2017

On 10 November 2017, to mark the end and highlight of this year’s VBC PhD Symposium, two prizes were awarded that celebrate the achievements of the students at the Vienna BioCenter.

The Vienna BioCenter PhD Awards, each worth 500 Euro, is bestowed each academic year to postgraduate students in acknowledgement of their outstanding PhD theses. This year’s awardees, selected by a panel of VBC Group Leaders, are

  • Muhammad Mamduh Bin Ahmad Zabidi (IMP)
  • Mareike Roth (IMP)
  • Dorotea Fracchiolla (MFPL)
  • Iva Lucic (MFPL)
  • Radka Slovak (GMI)

The PhD Award was initiated by Renée Schroeder from the Max F. Perutz Laboratories and is supported by the four research institutes involved in postgraduate education at the Vienna BioCenter: IMP, IMBA, GMI, and MFPL. 

The Mattias Lauwers Award is presented annually to the PhD student who has delivered the best presentation at a Monday Seminar. It goes to Matthias Muhar, a student in the lab of Johannes Zuber, who focusses on the systematic functional exploration of gene-regulatory networks in leukemic self-renewal.

The award is named after the late Mattias Lauwers who was a PhD student in the lab of David Keays. A talented young scientist with ambitious goals, Mattias died in an accident in 2014. The award was installed by his family and by the IMP to honour the memory of Mattias.

2017 Awards for VBC PhD Students

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