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"Anarchy" at the IMP

14 May 2012

On May 9 and 10, VBC members were able to witness another stunning performance by the VBC Amateur Dramatic Club. "Anarchy! A night of improvisational theatre" was the title of the show that consisted of a selection of games described as ‘comedic improvised short-form theatre’.

Assisted by the audience that gave the actors suggestions for starting points, the brilliant ensemble presented short comedy scenes made up on the spot. It was fascinating to experience how characters, stories and dialogues evolved effortlessly and in no time from what is known as the ‘group mind’ of a team of actors well attuned to each other. The audience in the IMP lecture hall was extremely receptive and cheered enthusiastically at a fierce make-up competition, a walk on the moon and a battle of monster-squirrels, among many other acts.

The VBC Amateur Dramatic Club is an extracurricular society open to all Campus members that stages three productions per year. “Anarchy” was directed by Georg Bauer and produced by Georg Bauer & Brooke Morriswood.