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1st EMBO Fellow mini-Symposium

1st EMBO Fellow mini-Symposium

  • 04 June 2019 - 05 June 2019
  •  IMP Lecture Hall, Vienna BioCenter, Austria


The first "EMBO Fellow Mini-Symposium" will be held at the Vienna BioCenter on 4 and 5 June. The underlying idea is simple: EMBO fellows should meet and discuss a topic of common interest. A mix of keynote speakers and EMBO fellows will present their current work in an informal setting.

The symposium offers an opportunity great chance for aspiring researchers to network with EMBO Fellows and learn how these fellowships can help with individual career development.

The original idea behind this meeting is to extend the sectorial meetings organised for EMBO Young Investigators to the EMBO Fellows. The idea of the meeting started at the EMBO Fellows meeting last year: some fellows realised that they had scientific interests in common and proposed a meeting supported by EMBO.

EMBO Fellow Tsung-Pin Paip of IMBA resented the idea to EMBO, which endorsed it and provided funds for participant’s travel, as a pilot experience before offering sectorial meetings to EMBO fellows at large.

EMBO Fellowships include Short-Term Fellowships, Long-Term Fellowships and Advanced Fellowships. They support technological exchange, international research co-operations and provide help when it comes to setting up one´s own research lab.

EMBO Fellow Mini-Symposium

Date: 4 and 5 June
Location: IMP Lecture Hall
For information on the registration and the programme, please see:

Attendance is free of charge, but the places are limited.