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Keystone Symposia at VBC

The prestigious Keystone Symposia have partnered with Vienna BioCenter and its constituent research institutes IMP, IMBA, GMI and Max Perutz Labs to host conferences. These Keystone Symposia link scientific leaders from specific backgrounds to local experts. The first Keystone Symposium at the Vienna BioCenter took place in November 2018.

Keystone Symposia on Cellular and Molecular Biology is based in Silverthorne, Colorado (USA). Founded in 1972, it convenes open, peer-reviewed conferences across a broad range of the life sciences. The organisation held its first meeting in Europe in Cambridge (UK) in 2006.

In 2017, Keystone Symposia announced that Vienna Biocenter would become a regular venue for annual symposia in Europe. The symposia are organised jointly with scientists from the four research institutes at Vienna BioCenter: IMP, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA), Gregor-Mendel-Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences (GMI) and the Max Perutz Labs.

The conferences receive a lot of international attention and recognition among scientists in molecular and cell biology. Their anchoring at Vienna BioCenter underlines the significance of his life science cluster for the European research scene. Further information on the Keystone Symposia in Vienna can be found at the Vienna BioCenter website or directly via Keystone Symposia (see link below).

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