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Rushad Pavri

In our lab, we study the phenomenon of antibody gene diversification in B lymphocytes – the process by which the immune system generates a vast repertoire of high-affinity antibodies essential to combat pathogenic challenges. We focus on the transcriptional and co-transcriptional mechanisms underlying these events using a combination of RNAi screening, genetic models, and genomic analysis.



Pre-printPeycheva,M., Neumann, T., Malzl, D., Nazarova, M., Schoeberl, U., and Pavri, R. (2021)

DNA replication timing directly regulates the frequency of oncogenic chromosomal translocations

bioRxiv . 2021.05.29.446276


Fitz, J., Neumann, T., Steininger, M., Wiedemann, EM., Garcia, AC., Athanasiadis, A., Schoeberl, UE., Pavri, R. (2020)

Spt5-mediated enhancer transcription directly couples enhancer activation with physical promoter interaction.

Nat Genet.





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