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Rushad Pavri

In our lab, we study the phenomenon of antibody gene diversification in B lymphocytes – the process by which the immune system generates a vast repertoire of high-affinity antibodies essential to combat pathogenic challenges. We focus on the transcriptional and co-transcriptional mechanisms underlying these events using a combination of RNAi screening, genetic models, and genomic analysis.



Costea, J., Schoeberl, UE., Malzl, D., von der Linde, M., Fitz, J., Gupta, A., Makharova, M., Goloborodko, A., Pavri, R. (2023)

A de novo transcription-dependent TAD boundary underpins critical multiway interactions during antibody class switch recombination.

Corresponding preprint Mol Cell. 83(5):681-697.e7


Peycheva, M., Neumann, T., Malzl, D., Nazarova, M., Schoeberl, UE., Pavri, R. (2022)

DNA replication timing directly regulates the frequency of oncogenic chromosomal translocations.

Science. 377(6612):eabj5502
Pre-printSchoeberl, U. E., Fitz, J., Froussios, K., Valieris, R., Makharova, M., Ourailidis, I., Bauer, B., Neumann, T., Wiedemann, E., Steininger, M., Garcia, A. C., Mastrovito, M., Mouquet, H., Tojal Da Silva, I., Pavri, R. (2022)

Somatic hypermutation spectra are independent of the local transcriptional and epigenetic landscape

bioRxiv . 2022.05.21.492925


Appel, LM., Franke, V., Bruno, M., Grishkovskaya, I., Kasiliauskaite, A., Kaufmann, T., Schoeberl, UE., Puchinger, MG., Kostrhon, S., Ebenwaldner, C., Sebesta, M., Beltzung, E., Mechtler, K., Lin, G., Vlasova, A., Leeb, M., Pavri, R., Stark, A., Akalin, A., Stefl, R., Bernecky, C., Djinovic-Carugo, K., Slade, D. (2021)

PHF3 regulates neuronal gene expression through the Pol II CTD reader domain SPOC.

Nat Commun. 12(1):6078
Pre-printPeycheva,M., Neumann, T., Malzl, D., Nazarova, M., Schoeberl, U., and Pavri, R. (2021)

DNA replication timing directly regulates the frequency of oncogenic chromosomal translocations

bioRxiv . 2021.05.29.446276


Fitz, J., Neumann, T., Steininger, M., Wiedemann, EM., Garcia, AC., Athanasiadis, A., Schoeberl, UE., Pavri, R. (2020)

Spt5-mediated enhancer transcription directly couples enhancer activation with physical promoter interaction.

Nat Genet. 52(5):505-515





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