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Ref2107: VIP2 Postdoc position (Clausen & Koehler)

VIP2 Postdoc position available to work at the interface of chromatin organization and ubiquitin signaling

Alwin Koehler (Max Perutz Labs) and Tim Clausen (Institute of Molecular Pathology, IMP) offer a joint postdoc project, positioned at the interface of chromatin organization, gene regulation and protein quality control.

The two groups of Tim Clausen and Alwin Koehler have a long-standing interest – and collaboration - studying nucleosome assembly and disassembly and the role of E2/E3 signaling cascades in these processes. Though many of the nuclear players are known, the mechanistic details of their interplay are mostly elusive. To address this point, it is planned to reconstitute chromatin ubiquitination reactions and to perform an in-depth characterization of respective molecular condensates and super-complexes. This highly interdisciplinary research program will enable the candidate to work on key questions in gene regulation, i.e. how the ubiquitin-proteasome system controls chromatin architecture, nucleosome packing/recycling and gene expression.

Benefiting from the complementary strengths of the partner labs and being part of the vibrant Vienna Biocenter Campus, the position is part of the VIP2 postdoc program ( which provides unique training opportunities. The position also offers world-class support from on-site service facilities (, providing access to state-of-the-art technology in mass spectrometry (XLMS, native MS, quantitative proteomics), structural biology (Titan Krios & Glacios cryoEM; protein crystallography), protein expression facilities (yeast, insect cells, mammalian cells), advanced microscopy, and high-performance computing.

The Perutz and the IMP are world-class research institutes that provide outstanding support and excellent social benefits. Last but not least, Vienna is still the best city in world, offering the highest quality of living.

We consider the exciting yet ambitious research project particularly suited for students with a strong interest in the biochemistry and structural biology of dynamic protein complexes. Applications with a cover letter, CV, and names of two references should be sent to manuela.steurer[at] by May 3rd, 2021. We will then interview candidates until the position is filled. The VIP2 position is an EU-funded three-year postdoctoral fellowship that fosters scientific excellence and independence