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Ref2105: Structural Biology & Genomics Postdoc (Plaschka & Stark Labs)

Postdoc bridging Structural Biology and Regulatory Genomics

The Plaschka and Stark groups at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) jointly offer exciting research opportunities for individuals with a PhD degree in biochemistry or structural biology, and a strong interest in gene regulation. If you are passionate and excited to advance your scientific career in an outstanding research environment, you’re the one!

We are two internationally leading groups in structural biology and in regulatory genomics, respectively, studying gene transcription and mRNA maturation. With this joint position, we combine our complementary strengths to develop projects that bridge biochemistry and genomics to tackle key open questions in gene regulation.

We provide an unparalleled training opportunity with world-class support at the group-, institute-, and campus-level. Available resources include on-site mass spectrometry, Cryo-EM (Titan Krios & Glacios), NGS, a fully administered compute-cluster, and more. The IMP is a world-class research institute that provides outstanding support and excellent social benefits in Vienna, Austria – the number one city in the Mercer ‘quality of living’ ranking.

Applications with a cover letter, CV, and the names of your referees should be sent to The position is available from summer 2023 and remains open until it is filled.

Selected publications

Haberle et al., Nature 2019; Plaschka et al. Nature 2018; Plaschka et al. Nature 2016; Stampfel et al., Nature 2015; Zabidi et al., Nature 2015; Arnold et al., Science 2013

Additional information

Plaschka Group:
Stark Group: