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Ref2310: Group Leader Position

Computational approaches to address fundamental problems in molecular biology

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) is one of the world’s leading basic biomedical research institutes, located at the thriving and interdisciplinary Vienna BioCenter which hosts 1900 scientists from over 70 nations. Researchers at the IMP conduct curiosity-driven research across a wide range of topics in molecular cell biology, developmental and regeneration biology, immunology and cancer research, with the aim to understand the mechanisms of life.

The IMP is looking for outstanding group leaders in these areas and is particularly interested in recruiting faculty members who will use artificial intelligence, machine learning and other computational approaches to address fundamental problems in biology, ideally in the areas mentioned above.

Group leader positions are fully independent positions, similar to assistant professorships. Successful candidates will be offered an initial contract of five years, with an anticipated extension to eight years, subject to external review. Salaries are internationally competitive and group leaders are given generous funds for student, postdoc and technician positions, investments and running costs. The IMP offers access to a broad range of excellent service facilities and participates in the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program and VBC Summer School, which are amongst the most competitive and successful graduate and undergraduate research programs in Europe.

The IMP offers access to the fully administered CLIP compute cluster - the largest non-university compute cluster in Austria containing 8000 CPUs, 120 GPUs, 4 high-mem nodes, a 100GB (Ethernet) network, and 6PB of network storage (NetApp, fully backed up). Additionally, high end facilities allow the streamlined acquisition of large datasets including next-generation sequencing, proteomics, light and electron microscopy. Further extensions and upgrades will be planned with the successful candidate.

Vienna offers a lively multicultural environment with high living standards, repeatedly ranking as the No. 1 city worldwide for the quality of living (Mercer, Economist rankings). Vienna is a safe, family-friendly city with superb public transportation and the Vienna BioCenter has its own childcare facilities.

Deadline & application

The deadline for applications is 1 September 2023, 2359 CET

Apply here

Applications should be submitted to Christopher Robinson via the online submission tool (button above) and include a CV with publication list, a summary of research achievements and future research plans, and the contact details of 3 referees. In your publication list please explain in a few sentences the relevance of your most important publications.