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Ref2207: Postdoc Machine Learning and/or Data Science (Stark Lab)

The Stark Lab is an internationally leading group in genomics and transcription regulation, combining genome-wide functional assays (e.g. STARR-seq and STAP-seq) with bioinformatics analyses and modern machine learning techniques at the IMP. The Stark Lab provides an outstanding research environment with world-class support at the group-, institute-, and campus-level, including an on-site NGS facility and a fully administered Linux compute-cluster, together with competitive salaries and excellent social benefits in the world’s most liveable city, Vienna.

The Stark Lab currently has two computational positions available for researchers at a PostDoc level:

  • The lab is looking for an advanced researcher with outstanding expertise in Machine Learning and/or Data Science and a strong interest in functional genomics. The development of new models is the key to finding unknown essential sequence patterns and predicting gene expression to advance the field of synthetic and targeted gene regulation.

  • The lab has a PostDoc position in Computational Biology and Regulatory Genomics available requiring a strong expertise in NGS data analysis, Unix, programming, R and statistics. The combination of already avaiblable, unpublished data of genome-wide assays and NGS data analyses allows the candidate to tackle key open questions and advance our understanding of transcription regulation.

Please send your application to manuela.steurer[at] with your CV attached!

Further Information

Stark lab at this website (own website)