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ref2002: Scientific Project Manager

The SFB (Special Research Program) on Stem Cell Modulation in Neural Development and Regeneration is searching for a Scientific Project Manager.

Who we are
SFBs are joint research projects uniting multiple research groups with complementary interests to work towards addressing a common scientific problem. This SFB consists of ten groups from IMBA (Coordinator: J├╝rgen Knoblich, Noelia Urban), IMP (Elly Tanaka), University of Vienna (Kristin Tessmar-Raible, Arndt von Haeseler, Florian Raible), IST (Gaia Novarino, Simon Hippenmeyer, Anna Kicheva) and University of Innsbruck (Frank Edenhofer).

SFB's goal
THe SFB aims at investigating how neural stem cells change in time and space so that they can generate the right types of neurons at the right time and place. The scientists involved aim at integrating research on neural stem cells and CNS development in Austria, connecting some of the most visible research institutes in this area.

Job Description
The Scientific Project Manager will coordinate all scientific and training activities within the SFB. Core tasks will include the arrangement of conferences, facilitation of scientific interaction, monitoring of collaborations, support of public relations activities, and the establishment of lecture courses, seminar series and joint symposia.

What we are looking for
We are searching for an enthusiastic and interactive scientist at the post-doctoral level. Candidates should be fluent in German and English, have excellent interaction and writing skills and hold a degree in biology or a related subject. A background in stem cells, neuroscience or development is ideal, but not a prerequisite. English native candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

What we offer
Candidates will find a highly interactive and multi-disciplinary working environment in one of the most exciting areas of modern biology at the interface of stem cell research and neuroscience. The SFB's multi-disciplinary research program ranging from invertebrate models to human organoids will expose the scientific manager to a wide range of approaches and techniques at the cutting edge of science.

The position is fully integrated into the IMBA and Vienna BioCenter scientific and administrative environment, comes with all benefits offered to IMBA employees and a salary at the post-doctoral level. The anticipated start date is June 1st, 2020. The position is initially limited to four years, with an anticipated extension to another four-year funding period.

Please upload your application documents containing CV, letter of motivation and names of two potential referees by February 20, 2020 via this link.