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Master in Neuroscience

An opportunity exists for a Master student in the Keays laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP). The Keays lab is interested in understanding how animals detect magnetic fields. 

The successful applicant will be working with Lukas Landler on a project that is focused on magnetosensation in laboratory mice. He/ she will be introduced to whole brain clearing, histological methods, computer-based quantitative analysis, sensory neurobiology and the relevant anatomy.

An interest in sensory biology is an essential pre-requisite, as is passion and perseverance in equal measure. The successful applicant will receive a monthly stipend. To apply please send a CV and cover letter to keays[at] and lukas.landler[at]


Please note that we do not offer a full master program. Applicants will need to enroll or be enrolled in a master programme that allows for research to be conducted at external institutions.