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Group Leader Position in Immunology

The IMP invites applications for a group leader position in the field of immunology. Applicants are expected to develop and lead an independent, innovative research program investigating important questions in immunology at the organismal, cellular and/or molecular level. The IMP offers a range of enabling core facilities including an excellent animal house, biooptics, flow cytometry and sequencing units. 

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) is one of the world’s leading basic biomedical research institutes, located at the thriving and interdisciplinary Vienna BioCenter which hosts 1400 scientists from over 70 nationalities. Researchers at the IMP conduct curiosity-driven research across a wide range of topics. Group leader positions are fully independent positions similar to assistant professorships.

The IMP offers internationally competitive salaries and generous funds for student, postdoc and technician positions, investments and running costs. The IMP participates in the VBC international PhD programme and VBC summer school, which are amongst the most competitive graduate and undergraduate research programs in Europe.

Vienna offers a lively multicultural environment with high living standards, repeatedly ranking No. 1 city worldwide for the quality of living (Mercer, Economist rankings). Child care facilities are available on campus. For further information, see our website: 

Applications should include a CV including a list of publications, a summary of research achievements and future research plans, and the contact details for 3 referees. In your publication list, please explain in a few sentences the relevance of your most important publications. 

Applications should be submitted to Christopher Robinson via our online application system by January 15, 2020