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Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Awards

The Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award is given annually to the most promising PhD student at IMP or IMBA. It is jointly funded by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, laureates are selected by the IMP Scientific Advisory Board.

The Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award, endowed with 2,000 Euro, is awarded each year to the most promising PhD student at the IMP or IMBA.

The award was installed in 2006 by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, who was a talented and motivated young scientist in the lab of Kim Nasmyth. Kirsten died tragically shortly after completing his PhD. He and his companion Katharina, alongside another traveler, were robbed and subsequently murdered in Bolivia.

To create more awareness and increase safety among travelers, Kirsten’s family and friends later initiated a successful information campaign. Through the annual award, Kirsten’s memory is kept alive and continues to inspire young talents.

The work of all graduates of the VBC PhD Programme who did their research at a lab at the IMP or IMBA and completed their PhD in the previous year is submitted for consideration. The award ceremony follows a competitive selection process by the IMP Scientific Advisory Board, usually during the annual recess – an in-house conference - in October.

Mareike Roth, IMP
"Exploring and exploiting chromatin dependencies in cancer"
Lab: Johannes Zuber

Beata Mierzwa, IMBA
"ESCRT-III Polymer Dynamics in Cytokinetic Abscission"
Lab: Daniel Gerlich

Grzegorz Sienski, IMBA
"Dissection of nuclear function of Piwi in Drosophila"
Lab: Julius Brennecke

Elif Eroglu, IMBA
"The SWI/SNF complex regulates the Prdm protein Hamlet to ensure lineage directionality in Drosophila"
Lab: Jürgen Knoblich

Amalie Dick, IMBA
"Kinetic Framework of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Signalling"
Lab: Daniel Gerlich

Johannes Popow, IMBA
"Identification and characterization of a human tRNA ligase complex"
Lab: Javier Martinez

Constance Richter, IMBA
"Proliferation control in the central nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster"
Lab: Jürgen Knoblich

Martin Häsemeyer, IMP
"Identification and characterization of the cellular targets of sex-peptide mediating the post mating switch in female Drosophila melanogaster"
Lab: Barry Dickson

Evi Kiermaier, IMP
"Construction and characterization of an artificial kinetochore in budding yeast"
Lab: Stefan Westermann

Björn Hegemann, IMP
"Understanding human mitotic protein complex organisation and phospho-regulation using a combined"
Lab: Jan-Michael Peters

Ralph Neumüller, IMBA
"Proliferation control in Drosophila stem cell lineages"
Lab: Jürgen Knoblich

Stephanie Küng, IMP
"Functions of Wapl and Separase in chromosome segregation"
Lab: Jan-Michael Peters