How do you get into the programme?

Getting into the VBC PhD programme requires three things: a written application, a personal interview, and a PhD position offer from a VBC group leader.

What’s required?
• Completed online application
• Two letters of recommendation
• Degree (Masters or your country’s equivalent)
• less than 30 years of age at the time of application

When is the next application deadline?
There are two selections each year, the application deadlines are as follows:
Winter selection - 15 November (website opens for applications on 15 September)
Summer selection – 30 April (website opens for applications on 1 March)

Is it hard to get into the programme?
The VBC PhD programme is competitive. Attracted by the high quality of research, the strong scientific support, and the great city of Vienna, about 200 students apply in each selection. But if you are excited about research, enjoy discussing science, and can think independently, you have a good chance of getting in.

How does the selection work?
A panel of VBC faculty first reviews all complete applications. Candidates with strong academic achievements, clear scientific thinking, and dedication and interest in research are invited to Vienna for interviews. All prospective students come to the VBC campus for five days, during which, they have the opportunity to learn first-hand more about the programme, life in Vienna, and research at the VBC. The VBC PhD programme covers travel costs and accommodation during the visit. A formal interview on the second day requires that the prospective students present a short “journal club” and their own research experience to a panel of VBC faculty. More details about the formal interview are provided to students when they are invited. Candidates who perform well in the interview then have two days to discuss potential research projects with individual group leaders and get to know the different labs. During this discussion period, students prioritize the groups they would like to join. Finally, group leaders offer positions to the students who best fit the project and the lab. Candidates have 3 weeks to accept or decline the offer.