Microsymposium on Small RNAs

2-4 May 2016, IMBA/IMP, Vienna more »

Register now for the VBC PhD Programme Symposium “Communication”

"One cannot not communicate.” When Paul Watzlawick jotted down his famous axiom, he was certainly thinking of humans in the first place. But... more »

Jeff Schatz Lesung "Postdoc"

Jeff Schatz reads from his novel 'Postdoc'

on June 23, Gottfried (Jeff) Schatz will come to the IMP to read from his new novel 'Postdoc' (in German).... more »

Microsymposium on Small RNA Biology

4-6 May 2015, IMBA/IMP, Vienna more »

VBC PhD Symposium, 6-7 November 2014

For the twelfth time, PhD-students of the IMP and partner-institutions at the Vienna Biocenter have organised their own scientific symposium. This... more »