Zuber Group

Johannes Zuber (Group Leader)


MD 2003, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany
Postdoctoral Research & Clinical Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna since 2011
Scientific CV in PDF format

Finding and probing cancer drug targets using advanced RNAi technologies

The genetic complexity, heterogeneity, and plasticity of human cancers pose a daunting challenge for the development of effective targeted therapies. Despite their diversity, individual mutations converge at the functional level to dysregulate a limited number of cellular processes, which not only promote malignant growth but are thought to result in cancer-specific dependencies that can be exploited for therapeutic purposes. To systematically explore such “non-oncogene addictions” and study them in a physiologically relevant setting, our lab combines genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) and advanced miRNA-based shRNA (shRNAmir) technologies optimized for multiplexed screening and studies in vivo.

Selected Publications

  • Rathert, P., Roth, M., Neumann, T., Muerdter, F., Roe, JS., Muhar, M., Deswal, S., Cerny-Reiterer, S., Peter, B., Jude, J., Hoffmann, T., Boryń, ŁM., Axelsson, E., Schweifer, N., Tontsch-Grunt, U., Dow, LE., Gianni, D., Pearson, M., Valent, P., Stark, A., Kraut, N., Vakoc, CR., Zuber, J. (2015). Transcriptional plasticity promotes primary and acquired resistance to BET inhibition. Nature. 525(7570):543-7 (abstract)
  • Fellmann, C., Hoffmann, T., Sridhar, V., Hopfgartner, B., Muhar, M., Roth, M., Lai, DY., Barbosa, IA., Kwon, JS., Guan, Y., Sinha, N., Zuber, J. (2013). An optimized microRNA backbone for effective single-copy RNAi. Cell Rep. 5(6):1704-13 (abstract)
  • Zuber, J., McJunkin, K., Fellmann, C., Dow, LE., Taylor, MJ., Hannon, GJ., Lowe, SW. (2011). Toolkit for evaluating genes required for proliferation and survival using tetracycline-regulated RNAi. Nat Biotechnol. 29(1):79-83 (abstract)
  • Zuber, J., Rappaport, AR., Luo, W., Wang, E., Chen, C., Vaseva, AV., Shi, J., Weissmueller, S., Fellmann, C., Fellman, C., Taylor, MJ., Weissenboeck, M., Graeber, TG., Kogan, SC., Vakoc, CR., Lowe, SW. (2011). An integrated approach to dissecting oncogene addiction implicates a Myb-coordinated self-renewal program as essential for leukemia maintenance. Genes Dev. 25(15):1628-40 (abstract)
  • Zuber, J., Shi, J., Wang, E., Rappaport, AR., Herrmann, H., Sison, EA., Magoon, D., Qi, J., Blatt, K., Wunderlich, M., Taylor, MJ., Johns, C., Chicas, A., Mulloy, JC., Kogan, SC., Brown, P., Valent, P., Bradner, JE., Lowe, SW., Vakoc, CR. (2011). RNAi screen identifies Brd4 as a therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukaemia. Nature. 478(7370):524-8 (abstract)