Westermann Group

Stefan Westermann (Group Leader)

PhD 2001, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Goettingen
Postdoctoral Research at University of California at Berkeley
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna since 2006
Professor at University Duisburg-Essen (UDE), Germany, since 2015
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Kinetochores and the Microtubule Cytoskeleton

Eukaryotic cells have evolved complex and extremely precise chromosome segregation mechanisms which ensure that genetic information is passed on correctly from one generation to the next. In order to understand how the cell moves chromosomes during mitosis, our group is studying the structure, function, and regulation of the kinetochore, a complex multi-protein assembly that connects chromosomes to dynamic microtubules. In a reductional biochemical approach we aim to study and assemble functional kinetochores from their constituent parts in vitro. In addition, we use yeast genetics to manipulate and engineer simple chromosome segregation systems in vivo.

Selected Publications

  • Mieck, C., Molodtsov, MI., Drzewicka, K., van der Vaart, B., Litos, G., Schmauss, G., Vaziri, A., Westermann, S. (2015). Non-catalytic motor domains enable processive movement and functional diversification of the kinesin-14 Kar3. Elife. 4 (abstract)
  • Hornung, P., Troc, P., Malvezzi, F., Maier, M., Demianova, Z., Zimniak, T., Litos, G., Lampert, F., Schleiffer, A., Brunner, M., Mechtler, K., Herzog, F., Marlovits, TC., Westermann, S. (2014). A cooperative mechanism drives budding yeast kinetochore assembly downstream of CENP-A. J Cell Biol. 206(4):509-24 (abstract)
  • Malvezzi, F., Litos, G., Schleiffer, A., Heuck, A., Mechtler, K., Clausen, T., Westermann, S. (2013). A structural basis for kinetochore recruitment of the Ndc80 complex via two distinct centromere receptors. EMBO J. 32(3):409-23 (abstract)
  • Schleiffer, A., Maier, M., Litos, G., Lampert, F., Hornung, P., Mechtler, K., Westermann, S. (2012). CENP-T proteins are conserved centromere receptors of the Ndc80 complex. Nat Cell Biol. 14(6):604-13 (abstract)
  • Zimniak, T., Fitz, V., Zhou, H., Lampert, F., Opravil, S., Mechtler, K., Stolt-Bergner, P., Westermann, S. (2012). Spatiotemporal regulation of Ipl1/Aurora activity by direct Cdk1 phosphorylation. Curr Biol. 22(9):787-93 (abstract)