Peters Group

Jan-Michael Peters (Scientific Director, Senior Scientist)

PhD 1991, University Heidelberg
Postdoctoral Research at DKFZ Heidelberg & Harvard Medical School, Boston
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna 1996-2001
Senior Scientist at the IMP Vienna since 2002
Scientific Deputy Director 2011-2013
Scientific Director since 2013
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Mitosis and chromosome biology

To pass the genome from one generation to the next, eukaryotic cells first replicate their DNA, then biorient chromosomes on the mitotic spindle and finally separate their  sister chromatids, thus enabling the division of one cell into two genetically identical daughter cells. We are interested in understanding these processes at the molecular level.

Mitosys Documentary

The documentary, Meetings of Minds, allows the scientists to speak for themselves in conversation with the artists. Four artist/scientist pairs have been selected to approach the subject of mitosis from different perspectives:

Ways of Saying
Shobana Jeyasingh / Kim Nasmyth
Ways of Seeing
Rob Kesseler / Melina Schuh
Ways of Being
Ackroyd & Harvey / Jan-Michael Peters

Ways of Growing
Lucy & Jorges Orta / Tony Hyman



Selected Publications

  • Qiao, R., Weissmann, F., Yamaguchi, M., Brown, NG., VanderLinden, R., Imre, R., Jarvis, MA., Brunner, MR., Davidson, IF., Litos, G., Haselbach, D., Mechtler, K., Stark, H., Schulman, BA., Peters, JM. (2016). Mechanism of APC/CCDC20 activation by mitotic phosphorylation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(19):E2570-8 (abstract)
  • Weissmann, F., Petzold, G., VanderLinden, R., Huis In 't Veld, PJ., Brown, NG., Lampert, F., Westermann, S., Stark, H., Schulman, BA., Peters, JM. (2016). biGBac enables rapid gene assembly for the expression of large multisubunit protein complexes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(19):E2564-9 (abstract)
  • Huis in 't Veld, PJ., Herzog, F., Ladurner, R., Davidson, IF., Piric, S., Kreidl, E., Bhaskara, V., Aebersold, R., Peters, JM. (2014). Characterization of a DNA exit gate in the human cohesin ring. Science. 346(6212):968-72 (abstract)
  • Tedeschi, A., Wutz, G., Huet, S., Jaritz, M., Wuensche, A., Schirghuber, E., Davidson, IF., Tang, W., Cisneros, DA., Bhaskara, V., Nishiyama, T., Vaziri, A., Wutz, A., Ellenberg, J., Peters, JM. (2013). Wapl is an essential regulator of chromatin structure and chromosome segregation. Nature. 501(7468):564-8 (abstract)
  • Nishiyama, T., Ladurner, R., Schmitz, J., Kreidl, E., Schleiffer, A., Bhaskara, V., Bando, M., Shirahige, K., Hyman, AA., Mechtler, K., Peters, JM. (2010). Sororin mediates sister chromatid cohesion by antagonizing Wapl. Cell. 143(5):737-49 (abstract)



 ERC Advanced Grant: 693949 CohesinMolMech