Keays Group

David Keays (Group Leader)

PhD 2006, University of Oxford
Wellcome Trust Training Fellow, University of Oxford
IMP Fellow at the IMP Vienna 2008-2012
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna since 2013
Scientific CV in PDF format

Neuronal migration and magnetoreception

The Keays lab aims to understand two biological phenomena: 1) How do neurons migrate in the developing brain?
2) How do animals detect magnetic fields? In tackling these two questions we adopt an interdisciplinary approach, employing a wide range of genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioral tools.

a neuron on the move...

Selected Publications

  • Edelman, NB., Fritz, T., Nimpf, S., Pichler, P., Lauwers, M., Hickman, RW., Papadaki-Anastasopoulou, A., Ushakova, L., Heuser, T., Resch, GP., Saunders, M., Shaw, JA., Keays, DA. (2015). No evidence for intracellular magnetite in putative vertebrate magnetoreceptors identified by magnetic screening. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(1):262-7 (abstract)
  • Lauwers, M., Pichler, P., Edelman, NB., Resch, GP., Ushakova, L., Salzer, MC., Heyers, D., Saunders, M., Shaw, J., Keays, DA. (2013). An iron-rich organelle in the cuticular plate of avian hair cells. Curr Biol. 23(10):924-9 (abstract)
  • Breuss, M., Heng, JI., Poirier, K., Tian, G., Jaglin, XH., Qu, Z., Braun, A., Gstrein, T., Ngo, L., Haas, M., Bahi-Buisson, N., Moutard, ML., Passemard, S., Verloes, A., Gressens, P., Xie, Y., Robson, KJ., Rani, DS., Thangaraj, K., Clausen, T., Chelly, J., Cowan, NJ., Keays, DA. (2012). Mutations in the β-tubulin gene TUBB5 cause microcephaly with structural brain abnormalities. Cell Rep. 2(6):1554-62 (abstract)
  • Treiber, CD., Salzer, MC., Riegler, J., Edelman, N., Sugar, C., Breuss, M., Pichler, P., Cadiou, H., Saunders, M., Lythgoe, M., Shaw, J., Keays, DA. (2012). Clusters of iron-rich cells in the upper beak of pigeons are macrophages not magnetosensitive neurons. Nature. 484(7394):367-70 (abstract)
  • Keays, DA., Tian, G., Poirier, K., Huang, GJ., Siebold, C., Cleak, J., Oliver, PL., Fray, M., Harvey, RJ., Molnár, Z., Piñon, MC., Dear, N., Valdar, W., Brown, SD., Davies, KE., Rawlins, JN., Cowan, NJ., Nolan, P., Chelly, J., Flint, J. (2007). Mutations in alpha-tubulin cause abnormal neuronal migration in mice and lissencephaly in humans. Cell. 128(1):45-57 (abstract)