Clausen Group

Tim Clausen (Senior Scientist)

PhD 1997, Technical University Munich, Germany
Postdoctoral Research at the MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany
Group Leader at the MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried 1999-2002
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna 2002-2009
Senior Scientist at the IMP Vienna since 2009
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Molecular mechanisms of protein quality control

All cells have evolved a sophisticated protein quality control system by which molecular chaperones and proteases monitor the functionality of each protein, thus reducing the amount of misfolded molecules that may undergo dangerous interactions. Our group performs a structure-function analysis of several eukaryotic and prokaryotic quality control factors with the purpose of disclosing novel strategies to combat protein-folding diseases and bacterial pathogenicity.

Selected Publications

  • Schmidt, A., Trentini, DB., Spiess, S., Fuhrmann, J., Ammerer, G., Mechtler, K., Clausen, T. (2014). Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals the role of protein arginine phosphorylation in the bacterial stress response. Mol Cell Proteomics. 13(2):537-50 (abstract)
  • Gazda, L., Pokrzywa, W., Hellerschmied, D., Löwe, T., Forné, I., Mueller-Planitz, F., Hoppe, T., Clausen, T. (2013). The myosin chaperone UNC-45 is organized in tandem modules to support myofilament formation in C. elegans. Cell. 152(1-2):183-95 (abstract)
  • Mastny, M., Heuck, A., Kurzbauer, R., Heiduk, A., Boisguerin, P., Volkmer, R., Ehrmann, M., Rodrigues, CD., Rudner, DZ., Clausen, T. (2013). CtpB assembles a gated protease tunnel regulating cell-cell signaling during spore formation in Bacillus subtilis. Cell. 155(3):647-58 (abstract)



ERC Advanced Grant: 694978 pArg-deg-signal