Busslinger Group

Meinrad Busslinger (Senior Scientist)

PhD 1980, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Research at MRC, London
Junior Group Leader at University of Zurich 1983-1987
Senior Scientist at the IMP Vienna since 1987
Director of Academic Affairs since 2007
Scientific Deputy Director at the IMP Vienna since 2013
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Stem cell commitment in hematopoiesis

Acquired immunity to foreign pathogens depends on the differentiation of B and T lymphocytes from hematopoietic stem cells, which is controlled by a multitude of transcription factors. We are interested in understanding the process by which transcription factors regulate the commitment of early hematopoietic progenitors to lymphoid lineages and control their subsequent differentiation to mature B and T cells. We investigate the underlying transcriptional control mechanisms by using mouse transgenic, cell biological, and genome-wide molecular approaches.

Selected Publications

  • Schwickert, TA., Tagoh, H., Gültekin, S., Dakic, A., Axelsson, E., Minnich, M., Ebert, A., Werner, B., Roth, M., Cimmino, L., Dickins, RA., Zuber, J., Jaritz, M., Busslinger, M. (2014). Stage-specific control of early B cell development by the transcription factor Ikaros. Nat Immunol. 15(3):283-93 (abstract)
  • Ebert, A., Medvedovic, J., Tagoh, H., Schwickert, TA., Busslinger, M. (2013). Control of antigen receptor diversity through spatial regulation of V(D)J recombination. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 78:11-21 (abstract)
  • Medvedovic, J., Ebert, A., Tagoh, H., Tamir, IM., Schwickert, TA., Novatchkova, M., Sun, Q., Huis In 't Veld, PJ., Guo, C., Yoon, HS., Denizot, Y., Holwerda, SJ., de Laat, W., Cogné, M., Shi, Y., Alt, FW., Busslinger, M. (2013). Flexible long-range loops in the VH gene region of the Igh locus facilitate the generation of a diverse antibody repertoire. Immunity. 39(2):229-44 (abstract)
  • Revilla-I-Domingo, R., Bilic, I., Vilagos, B., Tagoh, H., Ebert, A., Tamir, IM., Smeenk, L., Trupke, J., Sommer, A., Jaritz, M., Busslinger, M. (2012). The B-cell identity factor Pax5 regulates distinct transcriptional programmes in early and late B lymphopoiesis. EMBO J. 31(14):3130-46 (abstract)
  • Vilagos, B., Hoffmann, M., Souabni, A., Sun, Q., Werner, B., Medvedovic, J., Bilic, I., Minnich, M., Axelsson, E., Jaritz, M., Busslinger, M. (2012). Essential role of EBF1 in the generation and function of distinct mature B cell types. J Exp Med. 209(4):775-92 (abstract)