Pauli Group

Andrea Pauli (Group Leader)


PhD 2009, Oxford University, UK
Postdoctoral Research at Harvard University, USA
Group Leader at the IMP Vienna since 2015
Scientific CV in PDF format

Functions of short translated open reading frames (ORFs) in the context of development

Recent genome-wide analyses have spurred the notion of ‘pervasive translation’ outside of known protein-coding genes. Some of these translated regions have been predicted to encode short, conserved proteins, while others lack signatures of protein conservation and might have regulatory roles. We aim to identify functions for these newly discovered short translated open reading frames (ORFs) during embryogenesis by employing genetic, molecular, cellular and genomics approaches in zebrafish embryos.

Selected Publications

  • Pauli, A., Valen, E., Schier, AF. (2015). Identifying (non-)coding RNAs and small peptides: challenges and opportunities. Bioessays. 37(1):103-12 (abstract)
  • Pauli, A., Norris, ML., Valen, E., Chew, GL., Gagnon, JA., Zimmerman, S., Mitchell, A., Ma, J., Dubrulle, J., Reyon, D., Tsai, SQ., Joung, JK., Saghatelian, A., Schier, AF. (2014). Toddler: an embryonic signal that promotes cell movement via Apelin receptors. Science. 343(6172):1248636 (abstract)
  • Chew, GL., Pauli, A., Rinn, JL., Regev, A., Schier, AF., Valen, E. (2013). Ribosome profiling reveals resemblance between long non-coding RNAs and 5' leaders of coding RNAs. Development. 140(13):2828-34 (abstract)
  • Pauli, A., Valen, E., Lin, MF., Garber, M., Vastenhouw, NL., Levin, JZ., Fan, L., Sandelin, A., Rinn, JL., Regev, A., Schier, AF. (2012). Systematic identification of long noncoding RNAs expressed during zebrafish embryogenesis. Genome Res. 22(3):577-91 (abstract)
  • Pauli, A., Rinn, JL., Schier, AF. (2011). Non-coding RNAs as regulators of embryogenesis. Nat Rev Genet. 12(2):136-49 (abstract)