Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry

Karl Mechtler (Head)


Mass spectrometry (MS) has emerged as a core analytical technique in protein chemistry

Driven by the rapid development of instrumentation, analysis methods and computing tools, MS based proteomics is at the forefront of techniques in modern life science research. 

In the Mechtler lab, we are interested in developing new methods to increase the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of protein identification/quantification and the detection of post translational modifications. Our aim is to use these optimized methods to answer fundamental biological questions.

Selected Publications

  • Köcher, T., Pichler, P., Swart, R., Mechtler, K. (2012). Analysis of protein mixtures from whole-cell extracts by single-run nanoLC-MS/MS using ultralong gradients. Nat Protoc. 7(5):882-90 (abstract)
  • Pichler, P., Mazanek, M., Dusberger, F., Weilnböck, L., Huber, CG., Stingl, C., Luider, TM., Straube, WL., Köcher, T., Mechtler, K. (2012). SIMPATIQCO: a server-based software suite which facilitates monitoring the time course of LC-MS performance metrics on Orbitrap instruments. J Proteome Res. 11(11):5540-7 (abstract)
  • Schleiffer, A., Maier, M., Litos, G., Lampert, F., Hornung, P., Mechtler, K., Westermann, S. (2012). CENP-T proteins are conserved centromere receptors of the Ndc80 complex. Nat Cell Biol. 14(6):604-13 (abstract)
  • Grosstessner-Hain, K., Hegemann, B., Novatchkova, M., Rameseder, J., Joughin, BA., Hudecz, O., Roitinger, E., Pichler, P., Kraut, N., Yaffe, MB., Peters, JM., Mechtler, K. (2011). Quantitative phospho-proteomics to investigate the polo-like kinase 1-dependent phospho-proteome. Mol Cell Proteomics. 10(11):M111.008540 (abstract)
  • Hegemann, B., Hutchins, JR., Hudecz, O., Novatchkova, M., Rameseder, J., Sykora, MM., Liu, S., Mazanek, M., Lénárt, P., Hériché, JK., Poser, I., Kraut, N., Hyman, AA., Yaffe, MB., Mechtler, K., Peters, JM. (2011). Systematic phosphorylation analysis of human mitotic protein complexes. Sci Signal. 4(198):rs12 (abstract)