Postdoc Association

The Vienna Area Postdoc Association (VAPA) aims to help Postdocs to develop their career and to build the platforms to interact with colleagues in all scientific institutes in and around Vienna. Started at the Vienna Biocentre Cluster (GMI, IMBA, IMP and MFPL) we now also represent CeMM and IST.

Postdocing turned out to be a rather long period during our scientific carrier that demanded multitasking and persistence. Postdocing means that you have to produce results but also lay the foundations for my entire scientific future. Therefore, we decided to help each other to get the best preparation and enjoy the ride. 

The VAPA Postdoc association unites Postdocs from diverse institutes to exchange ideas, knowhow and experience. All events are organised by Postdocs for Postdocs to give us the best preparation for a future career in science. We strengthen personal interaction, stimulate scientific collaborations and provide a targeted educational program to be optimally prepare ourselves for the next step in your scientific career. 

The current IMP postdoc reps are:

      Sabine Jurado & Felix Mürdter